Pyromètre Optique Infrarouge Série 5

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Pyromètre Optique Infrarouge Série 5
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The digital infrared pyrometers IS 5, IGA 5, ISQ 5 and IS 5/F are also available with integrated TV camera module.

-The Video Image facilitates the optical adjustment and enables the permanent observation of the measuring area.
The Video/Camera/Module is an enhancement for the Series 5 pyrometers. Dimensions and electrical details correspond to the standard pyrometer with laser pilot light. Please find electrical and mechanical accessories in the data sheet for the standard pyrometer.

  • Video Signal: BAS-Signal approx. 1Vss at 75 Ohm, CCIR, 50Hz
  • Resolution: 628x583 Pixel, black and white
  • Illumination Control: automatic, additionally controlled by the measuring temperature in 3 steps
  • Field of View: approx. 10% x 14% of the adjusted measuring distance
  • Connection Video-Signal: SCART- or Cinch plug separate plug at the pyrometer, not galvanically isolated from the pyrometer's power supply
  • Date/Time: Real time clock with minimum 3 days buffer
  • Screen Inserts: circular target marker Instrument's number or text to your choice (max 12 Characters) Time and/or Date (switchable)
  • IS / IGA 5-TV: Measured Temperature, Emissivity
  • ISQ 5-TV: Measured Temperature, Emissivity Slope ε1/ε2, Single Channel Temperature with Emissivity
  • IS 5/F-TV: Flame Temperature, Optical Thickness, Soot Factor and Emissivity
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